Old Style and New Style dates
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Old Style and New Style dates

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Parliamentary Bills. How to read legislation. Why does this database not contain document compares between versions of Subsidiary legislation? How do I find out if an Act or regulations, rules, etc. How do I obtain a paper copy of an Act or regulations, rules, etc. What does the information in the footers of consolidated versions of legislation mean?

Government Gazette Type, Publishing Frequency, Publication Date, Submission Deadline. National Gazette, Weekly, Friday, Friday 15h00, for next Friday.

All notices are accessible via www. You can search for exact words or phrases, or a combination of terms. For example:. Bear in mind, though, that these check boxes should only be used if you are searching for notices that were published from onwards. See all notices and notice codes by category here. You can carry out both simple and advanced searches from one page. You can combine as many, or as few, items from the search options to refine your search.

As well as free text, notice type and publication date range search, you can search by Gazette edition and issue number, or by location including local authority, place or post code. You can also specify the distance to narrow down your choices. Remember to update your results after every search option change. The search options available to you vary by section. For search options relevant to a specific notice section please visit:.

The index search functionality is probably the most useful way of narrowing down Gazette information within a reasonably small timeframe.

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